This page offers some examples introducing the basics of jQuery.

Some examples are very simple, hence no documentation is provided: to understand what's "under the hood" just have a look to the HTML source code.
Other examples, more complex and advanced, contains also some documentation and theoretical presentation.

  1. Introduction to jQuery

  2. Meeting the basic filters

  3. Events and handlers

  4. Toggling visibility and values

  5. Adding elements (progressive enhancement)

  6. Setting elements (and content)

  7. Timed animations (basic graphic effects)

  8. Understanding asynchronous code

  9. Callback functions

  10. Showing/hiding news details

  11. Some examples of drop down menu

  12. Hiding a div element using a date based filter

  13. Filtering jobs from an unordered list

  14. Manage a simple custom animation

  15. Move divs into table's pattern

Problems running jQuery? Try the basic test page

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